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Certified Backflow Testing

Hire All About Plumbing for your State Mandated Backflow Certification

All About Plumbing, Inc. offers state certified backflow testing service. We make it easy for you, handling all paperwork and processing for your convenience at no additional charge. We file all forms with the local water providing authority in accordance with state law, a copy is given to you for your files and an additional copy is maintained at our office for future reference if ever needed. We also offer a free annual reminder service, giving you a heads-up when it comes time to have your backflow assembly tested again.

State of Michigan Department of Public Health, Administrative Rules for Michigan's Safe Drinking Water Act, Act 399, P.A. 1976Michigan Plumbing Code 2009, and local Cross Connection Control (CCC) planrequirements. Read their specifications HERE. We know and follow all ordinancesand state regulations.

We are State Certified and licensed to Test, Repair, and Install Backflow Preventers. Potable Water Distribution and Heating Water Supply. We use Midwest testing equipment for Backflow testing.

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It is Mandatory that you have your Backflow Assembly tested


  • Visual Inspection of Backflow Unit for Corrosion, Leaks, Damage or Unusual Wear by our State Certified Inspectors
  • Double Check Valve Assembly
  • Double Detector Check Valve Assembly
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker
  • Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer Assembly
  • Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly
  • Spill Resistant Vacuum Breaker
  • Completion and file all documents per local government code
  • Replacement Parts are Available if needed

Backflow assemblies MUST BE INSPECTED BY A GOVERNMENT APPROVED TESTER when installed, reinstalled, relocated or repaired, AND every 3 years thereafter. We handle all paperwork, inspections and repairs if needed to get your certification registered with the local governing body, for one low price. Call us to schedule, we do offer next day service!

We provide full spectrum Plumbing services in addition to backflow devices for Residential and Commercial properties. We have at least one plumber on call anytime, 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a 1 hour or less typical response time.

Zip Codes 48073, 48083, 48084, 48085, 48098 and surrounding areas Certifications are now due. Contact us for fast service at one low price. We will file the certificate for you with your local government agency at no additional cost.