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Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Heater Stopped Working?

If you have no hot water at your faucets, check to ensure your pilot on your hot water tank has not gone out. This is a common issue, and simply relighting the pilot is all that is needed.

Hot Water Heater Leaking?

Most hot water tank failures start with a small amount of water leaking at the bottom. This usually indicates the glass liner has cracked and the tank must be replaced. These leaks only get worse over time, don't risk flooding. Our experienced technicians can quickly tell if a tank can be salvaged or needs to be replaced.

Water Dripping From Relief Valve/Pipe?

On the side of your hot water tank, near the top, there is a pipe that comes out and turns downward. This is a safety pressure relief valve. If you have water coming out of this pipe, the valve may need to be replaced. Call us for fast service.

Hot Water Heater Hissing?

We do basement pumpouts. Water pumped out quickly. Fast service, professional team.

Lochinvar Hot Water Heater
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