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Sewer Rodding

Sewer Cleaning, Video Recording, Pipe Replacement

Sewer Rodding to the Street

We do fast sewer cleaning with a Rigid K-1500 sewer machine and can pump out flooded basement back-ups as well. Our sewer rodding machine utilizes a 1 1/4 inch cable and several different cutter heads, allowing us to choose the most appropriate tool. Tree roots are never a problem!

We also repair and install cleanouts, reducing or eliminating the sewer smell some houses have.

Drain cleaning we do right with right size machine for the job, include necessary drain seal replacements on smaller drains and we always clean up any mess we make.

  • Standard weekday business hours (8am-6pm) rate for main sewer cleaning
  • Weekend/Holiday/After hours available
  • Emergency Service Available .. call us!
  • Video inspection of sewer lines available at a reduced cost. Checks for any damage to the sewer line or drain pipe collapse
  • Video recording of Video inspection for you (USB Flashdrive) available
  • Includes 1 Hour labor

roots clog sewer lineThe most common reason sewer backups is roots growing into the sewer line. Over time this can damage the pipes and cause them to collapse.

We rod out sewer lines and can video the interior of your pipe for a visual inspection. If the pipe is damaged beyond reasonable usage, you will see it for yourself. We can provide a free quote to dig up the damaged area(s) and replace them.

If there is no damage to the sewer pipes, rodding it to clear any debris is the appropriate action to take.

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