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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

Sewer Cleaning

We clean sewer back-ups with a Rigid K-1500 sewer machine. This machine utilizes a 1 1/4 inch cable and several different cutter heads, allowing us to choose the most appropriate tool. We can repair and install cleanouts, reducing the sewer smell some houses have.

Drain cleaning, we do it right with right size machine for the job, include necessary drain seal replacements on smaller drains and we always clean up any mess we make.

  • Standard weekday business hours (8am-6pm) rate for main sewer cleaning is $170
  • Weekend/Holiday/After hours rate is $225
  • Emergency Service Available .... call us!
  • Video inspection of sewer lines $200. Checks for any damage to the sewer line or drain pipe collapse.
    SAVE MONEY: If done at same time as scheduled cleaning deduct $50
  • Video recording of Video inspection for you (USB Flashdrive) additional $75
  • Includes 1 Hour labor
Basement flooding? Broken water pipe flooding the kitchen? Plumbing Emergency?
Call us anytime and speak with a real plumber NOT AN ANSWERING SERVICE

TOLL FREE 1-866-476-0055
LOCAL CUSTOMERS 1-248-542-7850


Call All About Plumbing and speak with a real plumber!
No answering service to deal with, we always answer our own phones 24/7.

TOLL FREE 1-866-476-0055
LOCAL CALLS 1-248-542-7850


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