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Clogged Toilet? Flushing Slow?
Need a toilet replaced?
Wax Ring leaking?


Clogged Toilet RepairsToilet Repairs

We replace toilets with a new, quality porcelain fixture. Includes water hookup and new wax ring.

Slow Flushing ToiletWobbling

A wobbly toilet may be the result of loose bolts, which can be easily tightened by a plumber. But a loose toilet can also be a sign of a bigger problem, such as rotting or water-damaged floors. As a general guideline, if your toilet wobbles because of too much wear and tear, corrosion or other damage, consider replacing it.

toilet wax ringWax Ring

If you are noticing a discoloration where your toilet meets the floor, you may have a failing (and leaking, yuk) wax ring. We replace wax rings quickly.

Toilet Running All The TimeToilet Running All The Time

Toilet "running" all the time wastes water and costs you money. We can adjust or repair your internal valve.

Slow Draining ToiletSlow Draining Toilet

Toilet draining slowly, we can fix! Whether you are experiencing a tough clog or something stuck in the toilet (kids love to do this!) we can fix.

Self Help Toilet RepairsFix Your Slow Draining Toilet Yourself

Here are several things to try before calling a plumber. If they don't work call us and we will be right out to fix your plumbing issue.

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