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Troubleshooting your Hot Water Heater

We will remove your old hot water heater

Signs of Failure in Your Old Hot Water Heaters

The typical gas hot water heater is expected to last 8-12 years before replacement is required. Electric water tanks tend to last slightly longer. Here are some signs of impending failure to watch for:

  • No Hot Water
    If your tank stops heating water, it could be any of several reasons:
    the pilot has gone out. Follow your owners manual instructions to relight the pilot. Other reasons include gas turned off, water turned off or pressure too low, etc. If you are unsure, call us and we will troubleshoot for you.
  • Thermostat is bad
    Thermostats are a safety item that keeps gas from running when there is no flame burning it. They are easily and inexpensively replaced. If your tank tries to light then shuts off, this is the first place we look. Call us, we try to always have a few spare thermostats on our trucks.
  • Color of the flame
    The flame should blue. If it is yellow or multicolor it may need adjustment OR water could be dripping onto the flame. This will cause it to burn yellow. Dripping water only gets worse with a hot water tank, check it as soon as possible before it begins flooding.
  • Hissing Sound
    The only sound you should hear is the normal sound the natural gas makes as it moves in the system. If you hear hissing, or hear hissing with a yellow flame, this is likely caused by a large drip of water onto the flame. The drip will get worse and it is only a matter of time before you have a water flood on your floor.
  • We will remove your old hot water heater
  • Pressure Relief Valve
    If you see water dripping out of the pressure relief valve pipe, it may be failing. If it totally fails you will have a flood. These seldom fail but are are often easily and inexpensively replaced.
  • Water on the Floor
    If you see water under your tank, or around it, this is a sign that the tank has failed and is leaking. It will get worse and the tank will need to be replaced. Do it now, as it will leak only increase over time. Eventually you have wall or floor damage. If your tank is on the 2nd floor you may also damage the ceiling below it.

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Hot Water Tank

If it is Determined You Need a New Hot Water Tank

If you have an old, failing water tank or one that cannot be reliably (and inexpensively) repaired, it may be time to consider replacing it. We can help. We stock 40, 50 and 75 gallon Lochinvar hot water tanks. 100 gallon tanks are available within a few days. Ask us about tankless water heaters that can reliably provide limitless hot water (never run out!) and can be mounted to the wall giving you more floor space.

Our hot water heater package includes all this for one low price:

  • Safely Drain Water
    We will safely drain the hot water currently in the tank to ensure it doesn't spill on the floor.
  • Remove Tank
    We will turn off electric or gas and disconnect from source, turn off water supply and disconnect. Only then will we remove the physical tank. We will dispose of the old hot water tank for you at our expense.
  • Install New Tank
    We will physically move the new tank into position.
  • Connect Power Source
    Connect electric or gas line. If replacing with a gas tank, we will replace the gas line shutoff valve as a safety precaution, too!
  • Connect Water Lines
    We will connect to water lines. If the water supply shutoff valve is aging, dripping or in need of replacement we will do this also.
  • Exhaust Line
    If your current exhaust is 3 inch, we can bring you up to local building codes with an approved 4 inch exhaust and connect. There is a small additional charge for this, and it is done only when needed.
  • Get Ready for Hot Water
    We will fill the tank, light the pilot and ensure the tank begins heating water. It is normal and typical for some air to escape from faucets in the home. Don't worry, this will stop in a few moments when you initially run your hot water.
  • Test Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
    A vital part of water heater installation is the provision of a temperature and pressure relief valve and relief line. The relief system is designed to let off excess heat and pressure automatically. We will test to ensure this safety feture if working as it should.
  • Final Safety Check
    We will check for water leaks, gasline leaks at the new tank connections.

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New Hot Water Tank WARRANTY

Lochinvar Hot Water Tanks carry a 6 year manufacturer's warranty.
Manufacturer Warranty Document
All About Plumbing, Inc provides a 1 year labor warranty.
Should any issues arise you are covered!